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I was outraged when my bicycle seat was stolen. After discussing this problem with a few colleagues, we found that others also had similiar experiences. We decided to combine our efforts and talents to build out a solution on our own.

This app was built with a mobile first apprach with the angle that cyclists in Portland, OR would be using this while on the go. The heart of the application is the map in which we customized using the Google Maps JavaScript API. Some features of the map include a heatmap that shows simulated crime data, bicycle parking locations, and a location finder. We also had the vision of creating a small peer to peer community and added a discussion board using Disqus.

My primary contributions indcluded adding the user interactivity to hide/show the different data layers for the map and also adding in the functions to build those custom data layers.

Some enhancements we'd like to add in the 2.0 version include obtaining data sources from the Portland Police in order to dynamically populate that data. One of the biggest challenges while building this was being able to get access to accurate data with enough data points to build out a heatmap, so the current version is simulated data based off of data points from civicapps.org.