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AWS Application Composer, the App Building Future We Need

December 03, 20223 min read

At re:Invent 2022, Werner Vogels announced the preview of AWS Application Composer. I don’t want to write an overview or “getting started” guide, because you can read fantastic ones from people in the community. The focus of this post will be an overview of the problems that I…

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Improved git workflows with graphite.dev

October 02, 20222 min read

Current Landscape Git is a tool that many tech people use. It’s great for the most part. There are some pain points that could improve the experience. My issues revolve around collaboration with others. Here’s some examples. As someone requesting…

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The Job Seeker's Jungle

September 18, 20222 min read

It’s the year 2022 and “the Great Resignation” is all over the news. Many companies have lots of work and not enough employees to do it, resulting in lots of open job postings. I fit the profile of seniority and have the technical skills that…

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Making the Switch - Software Development on Pop!_OS

August 04, 20222 min read

My Background Disclaimer: this post details my experiences using Pop!_OS for software development. Depending on your needs, it’s possible your experience might differ. For this reason, here’s the tools that I generally use for software development: Node.js/JavaScript/TypeScript…

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