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EventBridge Emoji Event Patterns

September 24, 20231 min read

Background The other day, I was answering some questions a coworker had about EventBridge. He then jokingly said “I wonder if I can use emojis for an event pattern because they are UTF-8.” After that conversation, I couldn’t stop thinking…

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My Personal Blog Site's CI/CD

July 17, 20234 min read

Goals In 2018, I set out to create this blog. Medium and other blogging platforms existed; however, I wanted to have more control and ownership of my content. To me, it’s fine to syndicate blog posts to other places for more reach, but I…

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Career Reflections

July 07, 20232 min read

Growing up, I was given advice from adults often. It was typically some variant of: Go to college Respect authority Work hard You’ll be rewarded Early in my career, I followed this advice and it didn’t work for me. I could write an entire book on…

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AWS Speakers Directory - Adding AI Functionality

June 29, 20239 min read

Background In June 2023, Johannes Koch, Matt Morgan, Julian Michel, and myself participated in the AI themed hackathon for the AWS Community Builders. The hackathon challenge was to create a tool using the Transformer Tools framework. The Project…

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