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The Collab Lab Team 66 Recap

The Collab Lab Team 66 Recap

April 07, 2024


The Collab Lab is a non-profit organization that runs a program where early career developers can apply to work together on a team to complete a project led by mentors who work in the field.

The Team

A screenshot of us in a sync



The Project

We were tasked to build a “smart” shopping list over the course of 10 weeks. During this time there was lots of pair programming, async communication over slack, code review, demos, and retrospectives.


  • Login and customized views based off of whom logged in
  • Create a new list
  • Add an item to the list and set the urgency level (soon, kind of soon, not so soon)
  • Delete an item from the list
  • Mark an item as purchased
  • Search a list for an item
  • Share a list with another user

Tech Stack

JavaScript React Flowbite Tailwind Firebase - Auth, Database, and Hosting Vite

The Finished Project

Login Page

login page

Landing Page - select a list to view/edit

landing page

A Specific List Page

view a list

The source code for the app can be found on our GitHub repo.

You can view this app live at https://tcl-66-smart-shopping-list.web.app/.


We had a great 10 weeks learning from each other and are looking forward to continuing to build fun projects.

If you’re looking to hire early career developers, I would highly encourage you to take a look at these folks’ LinkedIn profiles.