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The Serverless Mindset and Infrastructure as Code

The Serverless Mindset and Infrastructure as Code

December 05, 2023

AWS Application Composer Canvas

Originally, I wanted to blog about my favorite re:Invent announcements. But as I started, I saw a higher level theme and decided to write on that instead.

Disclaimer that this post contains my individual opinions and yours might differ. I welcome your polite/engaged feedback and encourage you to continue this conversation.

Relevant Announcements

A Lightbulb Moment

My time spent as a software engineer at $day_job is mostly writing Infrastructure as Code (IaC). When reflecting on the Serverless mindset, I believe that some aspects of this mindset conflict with how I spend most of my time at $day_job.

Pros of the status quo: writing IaC is repeatable, scalable, fun, and I’m good at it! 🙂

🚫 Con of the status quo: I find myself wanting to spend more time focusing on providing business value and less time thinking about tooling or specific settings for my cloud resources.

Then a thought occurred to me: What if we didn’t have to write IaC? Why not have a deployable diagram of the application instead?

This is where I think tools such as AWS Application Composer and AWS Step Functions Workflow Studio are headed in a positive direction via their drag and drop visual interfaces.

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To a Brighter Future

Werner Vogels said in his keynote that “the most dangerous phrase in the English language is: ‘we’ve always done it this way’.” I think this applies to how we’ve historically approached IaC with Serverless development.

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Anecdotally, I’ve noticed that some experienced builders are ignoring updates to tools like this because they already know how to write IaC and think they don’t need a visual interface. I politely disagree.

To me, being able to more quickly collaborate, share, and deploy cloud resources is a huge win for everyone, regardless of experience level or job title. The primary focus can then be providing business value rather than figuring out how to write IaC for a specific cloud resource.

We have so much more to offer than expertise in the tools that we use. Embrace the Serverless mindset and demand a brigher future. 😎

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